Monday, December 1, 2008


This week I'm especially thankful for:

- my children, and their good health
- my family- I had a wonderful party this weekend, and I had such fun being with them. My family is the best. So supportive and loving, and I couldn't be luckier there.
- my job- OK, it's not my dream job, but it's A job, and I'm thankful for the flexibility to work and still be home at almost the same time my kids hop off the bus.
- my sister in law- for letting me borrow Twilight & New Moon. By the way- I've finished New Moon already, so tell your friend with #3 to get moving on the reading :)
- my friend from Switzerland- my swap box arrived this weekend and I promise photos are coming soon but I totally made out! Wait till you see the lovely goodies that Kristin sent to me!

This time of year is so busy I sometimes forget to tell people how much I love them and how happy I am to have them be a part of my life- hopefully this post will remind me of my good fortune in the weeks to come!

Have a great day!

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