Monday, October 27, 2008

just a little

I have had such a great couple of weekends, and there are lots of photos to come. My first weekend in Albany was WONDERFUL! It was so nice to be with my mom for a few hours without any kid interruptions! And that was just the car trip there... once we arrived, we went to one of Kitty & Jack's friend's- a horse farm. It was so amazing! The terrain is completly different from home, even though it's just a couple hours away. Wait til you see the view from the stable- hills and trees in all their fall colors- so beautiful. We also went to a tea room and that was just lovely. I really enjoyed visiting with Kitty & MaryEllen. It's hard to believe that I'm a grown up now, and my mom's friends are also my friends. As predicted, Jack made fab dinners and provided lots of chips and dip. He is a great guy to come home to- Kitty is very lucky! When we were done playing on the farm we came home to wine and chips, then a lasagna that was so yummy... should've taken a photo of that, but I didn't. Just imagine ooey gooey goodness and that would be right. On Saturday I shopped til I dropped at the sheep festival. It will take til next year to use up all this yarn. But it was totally cool to find things that I don't usually see. We also stopped at a little pottery shop and antiques store. The pottery shop was actually a little shed on the potter's property. It was too adorable. The antiques store was also a little out building - probably a garage before it became a store. We all found lots of treasures, though I may have been the only one to buy anything- a little depression glass plate. Of course, Jack didn't disappoint that night, as we came home to cheese & crackers and a Chicken al orange that was amazing. (The only thing that I can say about it being better not to have a Jack - I'd weigh at least twice my current weight if I had a guy like him to come home to!) On Sunday morning we had a wonderful time going through a box of vintage trims that Kitty didn't want anymore. Maryellen hardly took any of them, and I ended up with a lot of fun things to play with. My christmas presents will be much cuter than originally planned! So, that's the write-up, and photos to follow hopefully tomorrow. Then more write-up and photos on the weekend with my sister, neice and nephew- all of a sudden it seems like I have an exciting life! Oh, and I almost forgot- I'll have to get photos of the built ins in Jessica's room. Her room is just so cool. Probably the window seat will be done later this week!

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