Friday, October 31, 2008

Photos from Albany

The view from the tea room:

The barn at the horse farm:

View from the inside of the barn:

A cute covered bridge that Mom wanted a photo of:

The little pottery shop:

Mom & Kitty inside the pottery shop:

My goodies from Kitty (and the little dish from the antiques store):

More goodies from Kitty:

More from Kitty: (aka the most generous woman in the world...)

Yarn goodies from Rhinebeck:

After I came home, I was reading Doris Chan's blog, and it turns out that she was at the same festival that I was. I could've cried when I read her post! Note to self- be a better stalker next year! For anyone who is not a crochet person, Doris Chan is a CELEBRITY. She is a designer that is just AMAZING, and she's also a bit older and that makes her even cooler when you see the things that she designs, anyone can wear her stuff - old or young, big or small. She is one of 2 designers that I would recognize their designs by sight. (the other is Lily Chin, and I haven't looked into it, but she was probably at the festival too...) Anyhow, Doris Chan was doing a book signing on Sunday, and if I had known ahead of time I would've been first in line. Kitty, Maryellen and Mom are probably breathing a sigh of relief that I didn't know she was there and force them to stay all day on Saturday until I found her. (And lets face it, if she knew about me Doris herself would be grateful that I didn't track her down... she was shopping on Saturday, and probably wouldn't want crazy fans finding her)
So, that's the scoop from Albany- Part I. Next week I'll be posting about Albany Part II- the visit with my sister.
Have a great weekend (oh yea, Happy Halloween!)


Kristin Reinhard said...

Great photos!!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your holiday photos - the covered bridge is just lovely!