Friday, November 14, 2008

Just some random thoughts

I've been lurking around blog-land for awhile now, and I can only say that I'm feeling a little, well, lacking. I mean, there are all of these amazing women out there who not only DO the crafts projects that they are dreaming about, but they photograph them and write up tutorials too. So, today I was feeling a little bit depressed because I just dream of doing all these projects, but my "finished object" pile is much much smaller than my UFO pile.

So, instead of focusing on what I'm not doing, I'm taking a minute to write about the things that I am doing, and to remember that they are the important things. Today baby boy told me he loves me 16 times before I went to work. The first words he said to me- "I LOVE you Mommy", and 15 more times before I dropped him off for the day. Oldest daughter went to school with a smile, and she didn't complain once all morning. Middle daughter gave me the world's best hug when she woke up, and snuggled up in my lap for a full 3 min. before running around like a normal kid :) They may not be the best dressed, or have the most expensive toys, but they are loved and they are happy, what more could I ask for? And who knows, maybe this weekend I'll actually finish unpacking their toys, and all the other stuff that is sitting in the basement... maybe I'll even do a little sewing which is what I'm dying to do... but instead of making the teacher's christmas gifts I'm thinking that it's time to make those girls a little present- and their baby brother too!

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