Monday, February 23, 2009

Crafty Fun

So, what do you do when your birthday girl (my oldest turned NINE yesterday!) is home with a fever and it's her BIRTHDAY?? Well, if you're me, you go into the basement and try to find a fun, relaxing craft to keep her mind off of it.

Make your own candles! I bought this "Candle Magic" candle wax in approximately 1996 from Michael's. I have no idea if they are still selling this stuff. I had this cute mold to make star shaped candles, you just melt the wax and put the wick in the center and voila, a handmade candle. Except that they were hard to make and they looked like a 2 yr. old had done them and if you were paying attention at the beginning my oldest just turned nine, so I didn't have any 2 year olds to blame for the cruddy looking candles. So the wax sat in my basement. Then it moved to my next house, the storage space and finally my new house. I really want to use up some of the ridiculous quantity of craft supplies that I own, so this was a perfect project for yesterday! In case you can't tell from the photo, the jars are from baby food. We didn't have to melt the wax, because we put it into the glass jar, and it melts as you use it. Both of the girls loved making the candles, and we are going to burn them at dinner every night per their request. I love a good crafty project that makes everyone happy and isn't even all that messy!
Hope your day is full of fun too!
PS- for those worried about my daughter, seems that the fever was a "24 hour" thing. She's just fine today, enjoying the extra vacation day from school!

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